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Freaker Slippy Beverage Sleeve

Freaker Slippy Beverage Sleeve

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  • Sustainability

Slippy is 👌 for any beverage👏, from coffee cups to sippy cups, cans of soda to travel mugs and more. It gives ya 🤚 from hot or cold drinks, plus it's made in the USA with yarn made from ocean-bound plastic🌊. Every Slippy was once a plastic bottle just chillin' on the coast that got rescuED and turned into yarn and knitted up nice and cozy into one eco-friendly sleeve! 5 base colors, over 20 accent colors, pre-designed backgrounds, or you can create your own design from scratch.

Hello! I’m a SLIPPY!  I slip onto every cup (I’m super stretchy 😉), protecting your hands from HOT or COLD drinks and stopping bottle SWEAT! Plus - my yarn’s made from plastic picked up off the coast of Mexico.  This way you and your hands can feel good!