Save Time. Save Money. & Let Our Team Do the Heavy Lifting.

Swag for Humanity fulfillment, warehousing, and kitting services to manage some or all of your on going company Swag needs.

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Drop Shipping

Companies have many needs and we do our best to fill them. A common need is for shipping many items to lots of locations, to store items and ship them periodically to different addresses, and to take several items and package them together into a welcome kit, new hire kit, a special occasion gift. 


Merchandise takes valuable space and disrupts company time to organize, track inventory, and ship out. Through Swag for Humanity's parent company, ScreenBroidery, supplies fulfillment services of all shapes and sizes. Our team can relieve the burdens that interrupt your daily workflow. We do this by storing, packing, and shipping your products for you. 


Our shipping technology increases organization, efficiency, and shipment time resulting in more time for you and your team to focus on what you are good at. This is all while creating opportunities for more powerful direct mailing marketing initiatives and experiences.

  • Common Pain Points

    • Disrupting Your Important Job Tasks
    • Shipping Orders Yourself Interrupts Workflow Efficiency
    • Managing the inventory you have in your Swag Closet
    • Mis-Shipments or no-shipments
    • Manually Counting & Tracking Inventory
  • Features

    • Individually Ship Orders
    • Custom Packaging
    • Blind Shipping
    • Domestic & International Shipping
    • Return Processing
    • End-User Customer Service
    • Kitting and Packaging Services
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