At Swag For Humanity

We only offer brands, apparel, and merch with an eco-conscious purpose in mind. You want to share who you are with the world while bettering it. So we have curated the best, most functional, well designed, high quality, and sustainable products around that your company can be proud to support. And on top of that, we have designed an ecommerce site that is transparent and simple to use – with a few bells and whistles to make the experience fun and exciting in just a few clicks.

About Swag For Humanity

In partnership with our sister company ScreenBroidery, our team has decades of experience helping customers decorate top retail brands with their logo and creative. But what really makes us different is the customer experience. We want to make it easy to get what you want from finding the best products packed with a sustainable purpose, to the follow up, to the ease of delivery. We know and will consult with you through the process.

The Swag For Humanity Difference

Most of our customers have values of doing their part to better human kind. So we have curated high end retail products with this in mind. Every product on Swag for Humanity has purpose of sustainability, giveback, or positivity. And we are transparent in telling the story of good of each product. To make it even sweeter, we have married this idea in the ease of a simplistic ordering process and a professional back end team with years of experience in the promotional product industry.