Group Ordering Made Easy

Collecting sizes and money for a large group can be a pain. Contact our Swag Experts to set up an online order portal to make collecting group orders easy. You will receive a web link to share with your group to select their options within a time frame. When the time frame is up we will produce the goods in bulk and drop ship to each individual or send everything in bulk for you to distribute.

How A Portal Works

Once you have selected the product or products you want your group to order, your Swag Expert can take it from there. We will generate an link to the product and allow your group to select their size and/or product color. They will enter their info as normal. And you can choose if you want your group to pay for their order individually or if you want to pick up the tab (we will send an invoice when the group ordering period is up).

The Final Step

Once all orders have been collected, we will produce the orders and drop ship each order to each individual who placed an order or ship the items in bulk to you to distribute. Again, you Swag Expert will walk you through the process and share reports so you have full transparency in all from your group that has ordered.