Swag In a Box

Assembling a number of cool products together into one package creates a user experience that sets the tone for a brand. Whether you are onboarding a new employee, want to get the attention of a potential customer, or want to execute a marketing campaign; kitting is the way. Running a complex and high-value kit campaign will impress and start conversations that would otherwise go unsaid.

How to Build a Kit?

The process is easy and a Swag Expert is with you along the way. It starts with selecting the products. Build a custom collection of as many styles and products as you would like. You can build a cart online or work with an expert for product ideas and trending items.

Don't Forget the Packaging

Once products are selected you have to build a vehicle to package them. We can help with designing custom mailer boxes, bags and backpacks, and polybags to kit your products creating a memorable unboxing experience.

Who Should We Ship Too?

Once the kit is created we need to know who to ship them too. Though our fulfillment operation, Swag Boxes can ship in bulk to one location or individually to several addresses. Just provide us with a list and we will take care of the rest.